Only for you my sweety Wonda

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Only for you my sweety Wonda

Message  Eleonore Maurer le Lun 29 Avr - 1:16

My dear Heidi in swimsuit ,

i see you with tenderness in your eyes .
they are same jewels who shining same stars in the sky of night .
i draw yours lips with my fingers .
they are so sensual with their color , it's look like a bouquet of pink roses .
yours lips , my Heidi are not only sensual , they are too sweet .
i come make a romantic kiss on these sweet lips .
you are wearing a pretty swimwear , you like wearing lycra on your body of princess .
When i see you in this swimwear , what i see ???
A beautiful siren or a delicious Lorelei ???
My kiss come on your neck , my hands start a subtle caress on your arms , yours arms are same of peach skin .
your skin smell a delicate frangrance , between flowers of springs and fruits of summer .
i don't stop to kiss you in your neck , my caress on yours arms come to your buttress .
Now i continue on your breast , your swimwear is so sweety on my fingers .
Between your nipples and my finger a spark of desir go to my brain by my nervious system who is so exciting
to touch and caress a princess of mountain .
My lips come on your ear , suck and lick with sensitivity .
One of my hand caress your swimwear with attention , it's same a caress with a white rose , symbol of fidelity .
I continue slowly on your stomac , during my sensitive caress , i see you in your eyes .
Lost in my mind , your eyes are same an ocean where i am drowning in a wonderful dream .
Just wake up of my dream , you are here , near of my body .
My heart make a melody of feelings when i see your intimity under this lycra clothes .
I imagine your vulva in their feminine curve and your intime raspberry .
Your breathing become bewitching, you read in my mind .
I want embrass your vulva and tast your intimate liquor with all sweetness of my tongue an come , you and me in the secret garden of lesbianism .

Eleonore Maurer
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